My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. diaper-scort
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  3. ateeenagediaperboyslife
  4. codydiaper
  5. doggybabyjr
  6. babiedboi
  7. rawritstom
  8. collegefetishbro
  9. aboimikey

Oh my gosh! Finally done working on my Tumblr Layout! I updated the mobile CSS also so people get a unique experience on a mobile device. Hooah! Hard work payed off, I have a pretty good looking tumblr here. If anyone would like some help/advice on customizing their code, let me know!

808 Followers! Thank you peeps! I’m planning on taking video requests so ask!

The only thing I ask is no scat or blood. Fisting, leather, raunch, watersports… Gimme a good video idea!